Council Proceedings August 8 2017 – Special Meeting

Click to download COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS For August 8 2017 – SPECIAL MEETING

  • The Fowler City Council met on Tuesday August 8, 2017.  In attendance Mayor Brett Copeland, Councilman Dudley Strong and Mark Dierking, Councilwoman Kendra Dowell.  TJ Milford was absent. Mayor Copeland called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. The Council discussed a BID from Klotz sand to patch and seal 6th and 8th Street.    AN ORDINANCE DESIGNATING 6TH STREET AND 8TH STREET WITHIN THE CITY OF FOWLER, KANSAS, AS MAIN TRAFFICWAYS was presented.  Dudley moved that said Ordinance be passed. Kendra 2nd and motion was carried 3-0.  The Mayor declared said Ordinance passed and the Ordinance was numbered Ordinance No. 383.  Also presented was a Resolution entitled: A RESOLUTION AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 16R04 OF THE CITY OF FOWLER, KANSAS, WHICH AUTHORIZED AND PROVIDED FOR IMPROVEMENT OR REIMPROVEMENT OF A MAIN TRAFFICWAY WITHIN THE CITY OF FOWLER, KANSAS; AND PROVIDED FOR THE PAYMENT OF THE COSTS THEREOF.  

Mark moved that said Resolution be adopted.  The motion was seconded by Dudley. Said Resolution was read and considered, and the motion passed 3-0.  Mayor Copeland declared said Resolution duly adopted and the Resolution was then numbered Resolution 17R3.  

Dudley made a motion to accept Klotz BID and Kendra 2nd.   Motion passed 3-0.  

Dudley made a motion to adjourn and Mark 2nd motion passed 3-0.  


Brett Copeland, Mayor


    Jamie Boese, City Clerk